every success begins with clarity

Our Vision

At ClarityEd we have a vision of well educated society, a vision of higher learning, a vision that everyone can learn, and a vision to inspire, unlearn (yes, you read that right) and ultimately achieve nirvana! We believe that one can learn from everything around us, and life is a never ending learning process.

The current educational system is broken. We offer a fix by bringing clarity to education, and helping parents and kids navigate this modern educational maze. Our philosophy that every success begins with clarity is embodied in our name, ClarityEd, and the 'infinity sign'. Clarity means clearness of thought, style and appearance, brightness and splendor; and Ed means education. The 'infinity sign' indicates the infinite clarity we bring to students' subject understanding. In a greater sense, the infinity sign also represents the vastness of the unknown, and of karma, the idea that what goes around comes around. We believe that each one of us has limitless potential if we are taught the right way in childhood.

high performance learning with ClarityEdParents have dreams for their kids, and those kids also have dreams and academic goals. We help realize those shared dreams and goals. Teaching is our passion, and we are professional educators and scientific researchers. Being (a) educated at the number 1 ranking universities, (b) having the highest possible education, the PhD, (c) worked as university professors, and (d) advised high school, undergraduate, graduate, PhD and post doctoral students, we understand the full spectrum of issues facing students. We can assist with the most basic to most difficult academic and testing topics, in the most intuitive, systematic and clear way possible, for all levels of students.

Our Beginning

Like any good business, we started by noticing a societal need, and acted to satisfy it. It all started when our founder was a professor at a top United States research university. He was teaching undergraduate classes and advising theses of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, and saw that most students are ill-prepared about basic math and science concepts. He realized that it was too late to change these students, the damage of traditional educational practices had already been done, and were all but permanent. Think of it this way: if the foundation of the building is badly built, however strongly you build the next floors, the building won't last. After careful analysis and deep thinking, he realized that the solution to the problem was to catch the students in middle or high school, the earlier the better; then the foundations of science and math can be taught with greater clarity, and have lifelong impact. With this insight, ClarityEd was born, and we have been growing nonstop ever since.

Our Approach

The founder and his team of PhD exam analysts then went on to create the most innovative teaching method and accompanying curriculum (called the ClarityEd System) for effectively and quickly teaching quantitative and/or logical subjects. The ClarityEd System consists of teaching concepts in an immersion environment using the four steps of familiarity, diagram, practice and abstraction. It simplifies the learning of new concepts by introducing them in an orderly and progressive fashion. The ClarityEd System makes even complicated math topics easier by using a thorough approach, easy-to-understand lessons, and plenty of reinforcement activities. Reviews at the end of each topic, covering current and previous learned concepts, help students to retain and test their knowledge. The ClarityEd System not only helps students achieve high test scores, but also, more importantly, instills a passion for the subject.

Clarity in thinking makes students 'forever smart,' able to face any challenges that life throws at them.

We advocate Open Education.


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