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In this high tech world, everyone agrees that education is the only way that can guarantee a good life style. Whether we like it or not, the competency of people is being measured by what school they went to (Did he go to #1 university?), what their performance was at school (Is she #1 in class?, Is her GPA 4+?, Did she score high in her standardized exams?) and what their degrees were in (Is his degree coveted one?). As a result, education these days is highly competitive and cutthroat. At ClarityEd, we make sure that students reach their academic goals, with a reasonable amount of effort and minimal stress level, and parents reach their dreams of their kid's success.

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Whether you need (i) solid preparation for standardized tests, (ii) tutoring to improve your school grades, (iii) advanced knowledge to take Olympiad exams, (iv) step by step advice on college admissions or (v) support studying during the summer holidays, ClarityEd has programs that fit your specific needs, and give you that extra edge and keep you ahead of the crowd. Our prep programs will give you subject material clarity, boost your confidence, let you take stress-free exams and achieve high scores. ClarityEd offers high quality services in:

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Each of the our services is delivered by a faculty or faculties with PhD degrees from world's top ranking universities, years of educational experience, outstanding subject matter expertise and experience dealing with all levels of students.

Types of Service

Each student's needs, schedules and budgets are different. To fit into student's individual needs, we offer on-site format (classroom, small group or private meeting) and on-line live  format (small group or private meeting). You can choose from a variety of test prep products that are designed based on level of detail, class size, preparation time, meeting location and flexibility factors.

On-site: Physical meeting led by a faculty, similar to the ones done at your  school or university.

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on-line live

On-line live: In addition to all the advantages of an on-site physical style meeting, on-line live format gives you the FREEDOM to attend the class from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Using our REAL-TIME platform for online live education (POLE), you can SEE, both the person and what they are writing on the whiteboard, and HEAR your faculty as they teach the class. You can instantly ASK faculty voice questions and get response, and you can also hear other students asking questions. You can take notes as you would in a physical class or the faculty can EMAIL you the notes at the end of the session. You and the entire class is FULLY ENGAGED by the faculty in this on-line live format, unlike in on-line prerecorded class where (a) the students quickly lose interest or priority due to other things in their lifes, (b) there is no one to motivate the students or (c) the students feel lonely due to lack of human faculty-student-student interactions.


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