How We're Different

Founded By
#1 University Graduate
Top University Professor

Teaching is our passion. We are real-career professorial academicians. Being (a) educated at the number 1 ranking universities, (b) having the highest possible education, PhD, (c) worked as university professors, and (d) advised high school, undergraduate, graduate, PhD and post doctoral students, we understand the full spectrum of issues facing students. We can assist with the most basic to most difficult academic and testing topics, in the most intuitive, systematic and clear way possible, for all levels of students.

Best Faculty

  • Founded by #1 university graduate, PhD and top university professor
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Award winning and meticulous
  • Part of many university admission committees
  • Members of US national science committees

Best MethodsClarityEd student preparing for GRE

  • Customized and intensive program
  • Highly effective, easy and fast to learn methods
  • High speed strategies and shortcuts to maximize score
  • Best prep and learning materials
  • Regular assignments and many practice tests

Best Choices

  • Flexible locations
  • Flexible timings
  • Lowest price/quality ratio
  • Flexible payment options
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Best Results

  • Many students got perfect scores in standardized tests
  • Many students got A+ grades in academic subjects
  • Many students got admitted to their #1 choice school
  • Many students mastered the subjects and are confident
  • Many students and parents are happy


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