Private Studentcare

Are you living abroad and planning to send your child to study in USA? Do you want someone to look after your child and help them with their day-to-day issues, as you would do if you were there with them? If so, our Private Student Care service is perfect for you.

We provide, among others,

  • Guardianship for the child during his/her stay in USA
  • Academic mentoring
  • 24/7 support and advice ClaritYEd private studentcare
  • Advice on new country's customs and culture
  • Tailored academic tutoring
  • Help with homeworks, cases and exams
  • Assistance with personal activities
    (obtaining visas, getting right health insurance, finding and renting an apartment, making travel bookings, arranging parties and events, airport pickup and drop-off, get concert tickets and admission to specialized events, gift shopping and sending, etc)
  • Attend official functions on parents behalf



To enroll your kid in private studentcare, please contact us.

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