Academic Club Alliance with ClarityEd

Provide more benefits to your members and fund-raise
Academic honor societies, pre-graduate societies, student government, online student–focused entities, alumni clubs and academic-based non-profits make ideal ClarityEd Academic Club Affiliates. Together with these organizations, we offer customized programs to support our shared goal of academic excellence.

ClarityEd test prep courses are taught in physical classrooms across the country and online classrooms via our POLE platform. As an Academic Club Affiliate, your members can benefit from a discount on course tuition. We make communications with your members easy by providing you with marketing pamphlets, graphic displays and promotional collateral or a members–only information page within our website.

ClarityEd can also attend your club’s meetings to provide a personal introduction to our test prep programs, college admissions seminars, strategy sessions, free practice tests and others. As an Academic Club Affiliate, you may be eligible for free courses and fund–raising programs. To learn more about our Academic Club Affiliate program, please email us >

Business Alliance with ClarityEd

United we are stronger
Businesses with similar goals, interests and target audience as ClarityEd can form alliances with us. By working together, we reduce our costs and increase our profits. We are always open to interesting ideas and collaborations. Please email us > to discuss.

Sell on ClarityEd Market

Selling made easy
Individuals with subject expertise in the related areas of operation of ClarityEd can sell their services on ClarityEd Market. You get ClarityEd's resources (website, reservation network, easy billing, forum and marketing) to quickly sell online and off-line, and importantly, with minimal costs. You set your own prices. You pay no upfront costs and its easy to join. Join Today >

External Sales Rep of ClarityEd

Opportunity is knocking to make money
Associate yourself with the smartest, most effective and fastest growing test prep company in the US. As a ClarityEd external sales rep, you can earn commissions on completed test prep courses, tutoring sessions, admissions services, professional packages, agency sales and gift purchases. This is a unique opportunity to earn money while doing the usual things that you do. Your participation is absolutely free, no gimmicks. You earn commissions each time you personally refer a client to ClarityEd and the client completes a purchase of ClarityEd products. All you have to do is join ClarityEd External Sales Rep Program and keep your eyes open. You work whenever you want and however you want and be your own boss! Join Today >

Advertise ClarityEd

Make money day and night
Are you a blogger, content site, referral service or ad network, and want to monetize your website? If so, become a ClarityEd Link Affiliate and carry our site/product links or banners. You earn commissions each time one of your site visitors clicks on a ClarityEd link or banner and completes a purchase with ClarityEd. Its easy and free to join. Please email us > to get started or register here >

Franchise of ClarityEd

Be part of the next big thing in test prep
Test Prep is a multi-billion dollar industry and the business is perennial, unlike most other businesses. We provide franchisees with a strong business model, powerful platform, world class training and unprecedented support. You get ClarityEd's vast resources (brand name, reservation network, easy billing, customer rewards, website, strategic account management, customizable marketing materials, strategic alliances, revenue management, operations planning, performance scorecard, customer satisfaction surveys, student forum, advertising tools, comprehensive training, CRM, IT, annual franchisee conference, peer support network, mentoring programs, monthly conference calls, franchisee forum, dedicated regional managers, and much more) to quickly sell online and off-line, and importantly, with minimal costs. You set your own prices. Our rapid growth in the US market can be attributed to the superb qualifications of our founders, no one else comes even close. In addition, a wide variety of exams, products, our fine-tuned test prep methodology, quality standards and automated platform  sets us apart from all competitors. Become a franchisee today.^ Please email us > to discuss.



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