True learning happens when there are no strings attached and the mind is free!


Summer camps can be useful for students who want to take advantage of the summer holidays to pursue something of intellectual value at a leisure pace and at the same time have holiday fun. Some of the things students do, among others, are:

    • Enrich themselves by learning about a new area
    • Pursue intellectual curiosity
    • Learn advanced topics not covered at their grade level
    • Head start with coming semester classessummer camps
    • Improve understanding of their weak subjects
    • Master advanced aspects of something they have learned before
    • Prepare for standardized exams, like SAT, ACT, AP, ...
      (we highly recommend this, if you want to get into top universities; summer holidays are the best time to prepare for these exams, as it is very hard to get a big chunk of free time during the school days)
    • Educational games and puzzles
    • Memory and speed enhancement
    • Plan for science competitions
    • IQ improvement
    • Master mental focus


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