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ClarityEd Boston Office provides test prep and tutoring to the students in the Boston, MA area schools. From our years of experience working with the students of Boston area schools, our faculty are well aware of each schools curriculum, teachers and their teaching style, demands, time lines, rigor, etc. and will optimize their teaching methods to each school and student. This way, each student receives maximum support to achieve a top grade in his or her school academic subjects, national standardized tests, advanced placement tests, Olympiad tests, license tests and more.

Test Prep Areas

SAT subject tests
AP exams
... etc
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Computer Science
... etc
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Tutoring Levels

School (6-12)
College (freshmen to senior)


SAT prepACT prepSAT Subject Tests PrepAP Exams PrepMath Tutoring, Physics Tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring
Whether you want a perfect 1600 score in SAT exam or just score well, our SAT prep programs can help you get there.Whether you want a perfect 36 score in ACT exam or just score well, our ACT prep programs can help you get there.Want a perfect 800 score in a SAT Subject test? Or just score well? Our SAT Subject prep programs can help.Whether you want a perfect 5 score in a AP exam or just score well, our AP prep programs can help you get there.With Academic Tutoring, we'll make sure that you master basics, have stress-free exams and get good grades.


Why ClarityEd Boston is the Best Test Prep

Best faculty

  • Highly qualified and experienced PhD faculty
  • Real career professorial academicians
  • Award winning and meticulous
  • Part of many university admission committees
  • Members of US national science committees

Best methodsread ClarityEd reviews

  • Customized and intensive program
  • Highly effective, easy and fast to learn methods
  • High speed strategies and shortcuts to maximize score
  • Best prep and learning materials
  • Regular assignments and many practice tests

Best choices

  • Flexible locations
  • Flexible timings
  • Lowest price/quality ratio
  • Flexible payment options
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Best results

  • Many students got perfect scores in standardized tests
  • Many students got A+ grades in academic subjects
  • Many students got admitted to their #1 choice school
  • Many students mastered the subjects and are confident
  • Many students and parents are happy


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Upcoming Office Events



ACT Info Session

We will tell you what will be tested in ACT exam and how to ace it

Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Venue: ClarityEd Boston, Room 2

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SAT Info Session

We will tell you what will be tested on SAT, what you need to do to ace it, and more.

Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue: ClarityEd Boston, Room 2

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