Ask them the following questions and see their response, you will be surprised!
What is Noether theorem?
What are Quaternions and how are they related to Pauli matrices?
What is Chandler's wobble?
Is  \sqrt{1} .  \sqrt{1} = 1 ? Is  \sqrt{-1} .  \sqrt{-1} = -1 ? Why?
What are Godel's incompleteness theorems?
What is Feynman-Kac formula and how is it related to financial derivatives pricing?
What is Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equation?
What is the Green's function for the heat equation in 1D?
Write down the Einstein's field equations and an exact black hole solution of it?
Write the Lewis structure for radium chloride?
What are Gerunds and Infinitives?
To see how qualified we are, please see ClarityEd Leadership.

It goes without saying that mediocre and average students need test prep. At a first glance it seems that smart students do not need test prep. We had many smart students who took the exam first time preparing by themselves and got a score in the 90th percentile only. They took the exam second time after prepping with us and got a score in the 99th percentile. What changed? Given few years, smart students can dissect the exam and ace it. Unfortunately, the system makes them extremely busy and they don't have that kind of time. Our super smart faculty have spent decades dissecting the exams, understanding the types of questions being asked, tabulating the frequency of question types, developing strategies to solve questions at lightning speed, refining methods for managing the short exam time and stress level, mastering techniques to memorize complicated formulas and avoiding careless mistakes, and much more. When smart students come to us they get all these in few weeks of time with us, and hence they do superbly well.

Our rates are very competetive and have the lowest P/Q (price/quality) ratio. Pricing depends on class level (school, college or university), level of difficulty of the material, time frame of commitment, faculty experience level, effort involved, class size, economic factors and others. We also offer pricing based on base fee + performance fee. The latter is tied to students score improvement. This is basically a "short call option" for you, to those of you who understand finance.

Private High Schools: Loomis Chaffee school, Westminister school, East Catholic high school, Northwest Catholic school, Cedarhurst school, Hotchkiss school, Avon Old Farms school, Salisbury school, Ethel Walker school, Choate Rosemary hall, Pomfret school, Watkinson school, Greenwich county day school, Suffield academy, ... etc

Public High Schools: Longmeadow high school, East Longmeadow high school, Simsbury high school, West Hartford high schools, East Granby high school, Granby memorial high school, Windsor high school, Enfield high school, Enrico Fermi high school, Farmington high school, Glastonbury high school, Avon high school, Manchester high school, Manchester regional academy, ... etc

Colleges and Universities: Yale, UConn, Univ of New Haven, Brown, CCSU, MCC, Trinity, St Joseph, Univ of Rhode Island, Babson, UMass, Dartmouth, Duke, Columbia, Stanford, NYU, SUNY, Princeton, UMCP, George Mason, Rutgers, Tufts, George Washington, ... etc

Harvard, Wharton, Kellog, Insead, London School of Economics, MIT Sloan, Stanford, Cornell, JHU, Princeton, Yale, Brown, NYU, Columbia, UC Berkley, UMich, Dartmouth, ... etc

Usual acceptable methods. More details about the available payment options are provided during the billing step of checkout process. We provide zero interest financing too, in some eligible cases.

Learning and exam scores depend on many factors beyond the test preparation or tutoring period, and all these factors are not in ClarityEd's control. Those factors that are in ClarityEd's control, ClarityEd will guarantee results. That is, if the student attended all the classes punctually, has not been late to any class, if Private or iPrivate program has not cancelled or rescheduled any class, attended each class completely, paid full attention during each of the class lectures, cleared up confusing topics, finished all the homeworks and exams assigned to the student by the requested time, has been in good health, has no mental or family problems, if Private or iPrivate program has worked with ClarityEd for at least 20 hours, the exam was of usual difficulty level, took the exam to the best of his/her ability, took the standardized official exam within 30 days of finishing the classes with ClarityEd, and still the student's score/performance on the official exam has not been higher than the student's score/performance on the same official exam, most recent, before joining ClarityEd, ClarityEd will refund the full money paid or let the student retake the same class with ClarityEd at no cost to the student whatsoever. For the guarantee to apply, the student must provide official proof for each of the above things and request for a refund in writing within 7 days, that is, ClarityEd must receive within 7 days, after the exam result has been announced.

Yes, if needed. We charge for the travel time too.

Yes, for long term contract. Because of the work and time involved in doing this, references are provided with a nominal application fee.

If you like answering concise and precise math questions, then SAT is better. If you like reading graphs, tables and more descriptive science questions, then ACT is better.

Each format's features are listed below. Please select the appropriate product that best fits your prep needs.

small group
no travel/on-line live
flexible times
score guarantee

For Express, Complete, Premium and iPremium products, go to the respective test prep page, add the product to the shopping basket and checkout online. For Private or iPrivate products, please call us, as they involve custom variables, and we will setup and email you the details.

7 AM to 11:59 PM. If needed, any time of the day too (24 hours).

Money paid cannot be refunded, unless we cancel the class.

All our courses must meet a minimum enrollment to be offered. Courses that do not meet minimum enrollment number will be cancelled or rescheduled to a later date. If, for any reason, a course is rescheduled, you have the option to either receive a 100% refund of your course fee or take the same course at a nearby location.

Once the school starts, it is extremely hard to find a big chink of time to prepare for the standardized exam without effecting the school grades and activities. The best strategy is to prepare in the summer and take the exam in the summer. But, they don't offer test dates in the summer, as usual, so take the exam immediately after the summer at which it is offered, ie SAT in Oct and ACT in Sep. The next best time is after the Christmas holidays, ie SAT in Mar and ACT in Feb. So, start in summer of Sophomore year and take exams in fall and/or winter of Junior year.

It depends on the score you are aiming at and how busy your schedule is. We recommend start preparing at least 6 months to 2 months ahead of the real exam date. Note that any amount of prepping is better than not prepping at all.

Our top faculty are booked well in advance. We take reservations up to 1 year in advance and we recommend booking one year in advance. Once you get a confirmation from us, you are assured of the time slot with the faculty.

You can call us or search by your self on our local tutoring portal and make an online reservation, we serve most localities and subjects.

We provide need-based scholarships to low-income students that are highly promising to attend our test prep classes. This is solely based on our judgement. Please contact us for more details, well in advance.


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