What is your score guarantee?

Learning and exam scores depend on many factors beyond the test preparation or tutoring period, and all these factors are not in ClarityEd's control. Those factors that are in ClarityEd's control, ClarityEd will guarantee results. That is, if the student attended all the classes punctually, has not been late to any class, if Private or iPrivate program has not cancelled or rescheduled any class, attended each class completely, paid full attention during each of the class lectures, cleared up confusing topics, finished all the homeworks and exams assigned to the student by the requested time, has been in good health, has no mental or family problems, if Private or iPrivate program has worked with ClarityEd for at least 20 hours, the exam was of usual difficulty level, took the exam to the best of his/her ability, took the standardized official exam within 30 days of finishing the classes with ClarityEd, and still the student's score/performance on the official exam has not been higher than the student's score/performance on the same official exam, most recent, before joining ClarityEd, ClarityEd will refund the full money paid or let the student retake the same class with ClarityEd at no cost to the student whatsoever. For the guarantee to apply, the student must provide official proof for each of the above things and request for a refund in writing within 7 days, that is, ClarityEd must receive within 7 days, after the exam result has been announced.

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