Why is it that all students need test prep, even the smart ones?

It goes without saying that mediocre and average students need test prep. We find that smart students also need test prep. We have had many smart students who took exams the first time, preparing by themselves, and scored in the 90th percentile. After prepping with us, they took the exam and scored in the 99th percentile. What changed? Smart students can dissect the exam and ace it...if given a few years. Unfortunately, the system makes them extremely busy and they don't have that time. Our faculty have spent decades dissecting the exams, understanding the types of questions asked, tabulating the frequency of question types, and developing strategies to solve questions at lightning speed. We have also refined the methods for managing short exam times and stress level. We teach mastery of techniques necessary to memorize complicated formulas and avoid careless mistakes, and much more. When smart students come to us they get all these benefits in a few weeks of time with us, and greatly improve their test scores.

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