Home School

There are only three keys
to child's educational success:
hard work, parental involvement
and good teachers.

M-F, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, year long
Academic and Gifted tracks

Many parents are considering the homeschooling option for their kids, considering the bad influences at school (drugs, company, ideology, etc), worst curriculum, low standards, confusing teaching methods, terrible teachers, insanely slow pace at which the subject material is covered, countless number of meaningless exams and many other time wasting things.

Homeschooled students perform much better than public and private school students on standardized tests and are more likely to get admitted to the top universities. Please read

Home schooling is allowed by law: You have 100% right to decide how your child is educated. The states will try their best to mislead you (for obvious reasons) to think that it is either not allowed or it is very hard to do. Both of which are not true.

Currently 1.7 million kids are homeschooled each year. This is approximately 3% of school going children population. The number of children being homeschooled is increasing at the rate of 10% per year.

We make home schooling easy for parents.

We will make home schooling option easy for parents to exercise, as simple as eating a piece of cake. Contact us now >

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