Summer School

True learning happens
when there are no strings attached
and the mind is free

M-F, 9:00 to 6:00 pm, Jun -Aug
Academic, Enrichment and Gifted tracks

Summer school is useful for students who want to take advantage of the summer holidays to pursue intellectual studies at a more leisurely pace, and at the same time have holiday fun. Summer holidays are the best time to prepare for standardized exams or delve into advanced topics of a subject. During the school year it is hard to find big chunks of time to do these things, there are too many homework demands, sports, clubs and other activities. Some of the things students do, among others, are:

    • Learn advanced topics not covered at your grade level
    • summer campsBe introduced to a new area of study
    • Plan for math and science competitions
    • Improve your weak subjects
    • Take an arts class
    • Prepare for standardized exams like SAT, ACT, AP*
    • Get a head start on future classes
    • Pursue intellectual curiosity
    • Practice with educational games and puzzles
    • Enhance memory and IQ
    • Sharpen mental focus


Typical Courses





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