AP Calculus BC Details

1 year course, equivalent to a year of college level calculus. All of AP Calculus AB topics are included in AP Calculus BC topics. The number of additional topics in BC are just few, therefore you are better off taking AP Calculus BC and skipping AP Calculus AB

Exam Topics

Derivatives, separable differential equations, mean value theorem, optimization, growth and decay models
Polar form, parametric form, vector-valued equations
Definite integrals, areas, volumes
Eulers method, integration by parts, partial fraction decomposition, improper integrals
Fundamental theorem of calculus
Series, convergence and divergence of a series, Maclaurin series, Taylor series, radius and interval of convergence, power series

Exam Format

Section I A: Multiple choice, 30 questions, 60 minutes (no calculator), 50% weight
Section I B: Multiple choice, 15 questions, 45 minutes (calculator)

Section II A: Free response, 2 questions, 30 minutes (calculator), 50% weight
Section II B: Free response, 4 questions, 60 minutes (no calculator)


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