AP Computer Science A Details

Exam Topics


Basics: types, identifiers, operators, input and output, control structures, errors and exceptions

Classes: public, private, static, methods, scope, references

Inheritance and Polymorphism: superclass, subclass, dynamic binding, downcasting, abstract classes, interfaces

Standard Classes: object class, string class, wrapper class, math class

Arrays: 1D arrays, array lists, list interfaces, collections, iterators, 2D arrays

Recursions: recursion methods, writing and analysis of recursive methods, sorting algorithms that use recursive methods

Sorting and Searching: selection sort, insertion sort, merger sort, quicksort, sequential search, binary search

Program Design and Analysis: life cycle, object-oriented design, program analysis

Exam Format

Section I: Multiple choice, 60 questions,  1 hour 30 minutes, 50% weight
Section II: Free response, 7 questions, 1 hour 45 minutes, 50% weight


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