AP Macroeconomics Details

Exam Topics

- Basic Economic Concepts

- Measurement of Economic Performance
National income accounts
Inflation measurement and adjustment

- National Income and Price Determination
Aggregate demand
Aggregate supply
Macroeconomics equilibrium

- Financial Sector
Money, banking, and financial markets
Loanable funds market
Central bank and control of the money supply

- Stabilization Policies
Fiscal and monetary policies
Phillips curve

- Economic Growth
Definition of economic growth
Determinants of economic growth
Growth policy

- Open Economy: International Trade and Finance
Balance of payments accounts
Foreign exchange market
Imports, exports, and financial capital flows
Relationships between international and domestic financial and goods markets

Exam Format

Section I: Multiple choice, 60 questions,  1 hour 10 minutes, 66% weight
Section II: Free response, 3 questions, 1 hour, 34% weight

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