What is GRE

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)


admissions criteria for graduate science programs in USA
to get masters degree

Length of GRE

3 hours and 10 minutes

Content of GREsubscribe to exam alerts

math, verbal, analytical writing

Scoring of GRE

range from 130-170 for math and verbal, and 0-6 for writing

Scheduling of GRE

given all year round, computer based and paper based (in some countries)


HOW WILL ClarityEd HELP in GRE Preparation

We will make sure that you get a GREAT score in GRE using our proven methodology. Our work with you will include, among others: common GRE math mistakes

    • Help you understand, review and/or master all test topics
    • Make sure you understand the fundamentals
    • Practice with a wide variety of problems
    • Sample exams practice
    • Advice on avoiding careless/silly mistakes
    • Optimal strategies for maximizing score
    • Advice on improving study habits and planning
    • Improve your confidence on test material and score



Best Faculty

    • Highly qualified and experienced PhD faculty
    • Real career professorial academicians
    • Award winning and meticulous
    • Part of many university admission committees
    • Members of US national science committees

Best Methods read ClarityEd GRE reviews

    • Customized and intensive program
    • Highly effective, easy and fast to learn methods
    • High speed strategies and shortcuts to maximize score
    • Best prep and learning materials
    • Regular assignments and many practice tests

Best Choices

    • Flexible locations
    • Flexible timings
    • Lowest price/quality ratio
    • Flexible payment options
    • Satisfaction guarantee

Best Results

    • Many students got perfect scores in standardized tests
    • Many students got A+ grades in academic subjects
    • Many students got admitted to their #1 choice school
    • Many students mastered the subjects and are confident
    • Many students and parents are happy



please ask for our brochure (12 pages): ClarityEd_GRE.pdf
please see our About section
please see wikipedia GRE



Each student's needs, schedules and budgets are different. To accommodate student's individual needs, we offer on-site formats (classroom, small group or private meeting) and on-line live formats (small group or private meeting). You can choose from a variety of test prep products that are designed based on the level of detail, class size, preparation time, meeting location and other flexibility factors.

On-site: Physical meetings are led by a faculty member, similar to the ones done at your school or university.

On-line live: In addition to the advantages of an on-site meeting, on-line live formats give you the freedom to attend the class from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Using our real-time platform for on-line live education (POLE), you can see both the instructor and what they are writing on the whiteboard, and hear your faculty as they teach the class. You can instantly ask questions and get responses, and hear other students' questions. You can take notes, as you would in a physical class, or the faculty can email you notes at the end of the session. You and other class members are fully engaged by the faculty in the on-line live format.

GRE Products Comparison

small group
no travel/on-line live
flexible times
score guarantee

Select a GRE Product

GRE Express
1099 $
21 hours
4 exams
express review of important test topics
score guarantee
GRE Complete
1999 $
42 hours
4 exams
complete coverage of all test topics
score guarantee
GRE iPremium
4399 $
on-line live
42 hours
small group
4 exams
detailed teaching of all test topics
score guarantee
GRE iPrivate
call us $
on-line live
42 hours
4 exams
detailed teaching of all test topics
score guarantee
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* local prices may vary


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