Auction is applicable to Private and iPrivate options only. Some time slots with our top faculty are in very high demand. When there are more than one customer demanding the same time slot with the same faculty, we conduct an auction to fill the time slot. The auction type is open-bid first-price auction.

How to Place a Bid

  1. Register: Call our office first to see if you have to go through an auction or if we can directly fill your requirement. In the former case, our staff will take your details, set up your registration (there is a registration fee of 50$, if you end up signing with us, this can be used towards your initial payment) and send you the login details.
  2. Login and Bid: You will receive email confirmation for each bid you place.
  3. Result: If you end up winning the auction, we will followup with the next steps.

Contract Specifications

  • Registration Fee: USD 50
  • Price Quotation: USD per hour
  • Contract Size: 20 hours
  • Minimum Bid Increment: USD 25
  • Terminal Time: May be extended
  • Option: Buy It Now option available for free
  • Settlement Type: Physical
  • Payment Period: Payment amount due (Contract Size times Price Quotation) within 2 days after the auction end date
  • Delivery Period: Sessions will begin within 7 days after the payment period date
  • For personal family use only, and may not be transferred to others
  • Registration fee is non-refundable if you end up losing the auction

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